Pictures for Grandma

15th November 2008

A friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in photographing her 3 girls, plus her sisters 3 boys for grandma. I was a little scared, but it was actually easier than I thought it would be. Sure, there was total chaos around us, but Anne, Robin and their mom, were on a mission and were going to the pictures they needed. Don’t worry I got all the family pictures you wanted, but wanted to post a few of the others here.

I was really happy to get some photos of Anne and her 3 boys. They all had such different personalities and I enjoyed watching the way Anne interacted with each of them. And to be honest, I also felt better seeing her kids a little out of control even though she is a fifth grade teacher and I was sure teachers knew the secret to perfectly behaved kids.

Beautiful Mia..I could take pictures of her all day. Robin did not specifically ask me to take pictures of her alone, but I couldn’t help it. The camera just kept going right towards her. Robin, you and Paul are going to be in BIG trouble with this one someday.

I did not want to share one of the perfect pictures of all the kids with grandma here in case she is going to use it for a holiday card. I like the ones that show a little more of the true personalities anyways. I had no idea that Sarah the monkey was such a little clown but had fun looking at the MANY different faces she made in some pictures.

I love this picture of Robin and Sarah even though Sarah’s eye is closed. Robin has such a calmness about her (at least in public) which is pretty amazing considering she has 3 kids 5 an under. If that is not enough, she also works part time for Team in Training, exercises most days, leads a Daisy troop, and a million other things. On top of all that, her family is starting the adoption process to hopefully welcome a little boy into their home. Robin was clearly meant to be a mom and I loved capturing some photos of her and each of her girls.

Could these two look anymore alike?! I am sure not a day goes by that someone does not come up to them and tell them that. And those perfect teeth, were you born with those or is there a really great orthodontist out there? You could both be teeth models!


13th September 2008

Here he is, my baby. Still a great practice subject because he can’t get away and has not learned to make funny faces in front of the camera.

Look at that smile, and those blue eyes. I could just squeeze him and kiss him all day long.

I love this picture of him. He was sitting in the playhouse and the light was just shining through so beautifully. He always has such a thoughtful look that I was so happy to capture.

I know if I look back through enough photographs, I will find hundreds of pictures of Eli and Zoe just like this on the beach.


11th September 2008

Here she is, my little girl, the middle child, the princess of the house. I didn’t realize it until I started looking through pictures to find my favorites that I have the most pictures of her. I am not sure why it is, maybe it is because she has so many expressions and moods and faces that I try to capture.

This is definitly up there as one of my all time favorite pictures of Zoe. The fez that she insisted on getting and the smile I caught during a Zoe and Eli giggle fest. I have to get this one blown up big to hang on our walls.

This captures such a nice memory of one of our rituals we have been doing since Eli has been a baby. Heading to the bakery then the beach on the weekend. Zoe eating her chocolate muffin asking mommy for some of her coffee.

I like to call this one goofy Zoe..enough said.

A girl and her tutu. I’ll be honest, I bought this skirt mainly for the purpose of taking pictures of Zoe in it. When her mood is right, I have her put on the skirt and snap away. Her beauty amazes me sometimes.

This is the “I don’t really want to let you take a picture mommy, but I will do it because you promised me candy when you are done” face.


10th September 2008

Here he is, my first baby, growing up much too quickly. He is such a smart and sensitive little boy. He is happy to let me practice on him and most of the time gives me a nice face that shows his true personality.

I think this is Todds favorite picture of all time. Eli had a performance at school and was wearing this goofy hat in a way that made him look like a pimp. I did not expect to get many good pictures with bad lighting and a room full of kids and parents. I was so happy when I saw what I had captured here.

Eli looks like he is at least 10 in this picture. I love the scraped knee and dirty fingernails, it’s who he is..all boy.

I love everything about this picture, the sparkle in his eye, the missing teeth and especially my grandmas hands on his face. Such a beautiful way to show Eli with his Great Grandma and the difference in years between them.

I just love this picture, not sure what it is, but it makes me happy and that is what is important.

My family

10th September 2008

What is really meaningful to me is not just the kids looking directly at the camera, but the interactions that they have with eachother. It is NOT easy to get all 3 of them doing what I want, and while I have been lucky to get a few of them, my favorites usually show something more. Eli loves that Ari has some of the same clothes as him and will often go change his clothes so he can match Ari. In the picture below, Eli wanted me to get a picture of them together, but Ari had other plans. A favorite of mine though.

The next two pictures tell such a wonderful story. For as much as Eli and Zoe can drive each other crazy, they also have such a strong love for one another. I must have a picture from every family hike, outing, walk, or trip to the beach of the two of them holding hands. It is usually Zoe reaching for Eli’s hand, with the exception of when he is worried that Zoe may get hurt or go too close to the water that he grabs hers. And of course I am always behind them snapping away.

These is something about this picture that looks like it is the daddy rescuing his little girl from some kind of danger. That is not the case though. Todd saw that some baby ducks had taken up residence across the street and brought Zoe over to see them. By the time I got out there with my camera, the ducks were gone but I captured this perfect moment.